Johannesburg Water officials, alongside the MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Department, Cllr Jack Sekwaila, addressed the media on Friday, September 22nd, 2023, providing crucial updates regarding the water challenges that have gripped the City of Johannesburg.

The Grand Central Reservoir and Tower, as well as the President Park Tower and Reservoir, are currently at critically low water levels, posing a significant challenge for the city.

Residents in the Midrand area, including Halfway House, Carswald, and Noordwyk, have been enduring a week-long water scarcity. The root cause of this issue has been identified as the supply exceeding demand, which has placed immense strain on the water infrastructure.

There is some positive news on the horizon as Johannesburg Water has observed signs of recovery in the Grand Central system since Thursday afternoon. The Grand Central system is responsible for supplying water to the Greater Midrand area, where many have been facing water shortages.

However, the situation is more complex for the areas supplied by the President Park reservoir and tower, including Kaalfontein, Ivory Park, Ebony Park, Allandale, and Rabie Ridge. Full recovery has not yet been achieved in these neighborhoods.

Johannesburg Water has provided a glimmer of hope, announcing that they anticipate some level of recovery by Saturday afternoon, September 23rd, 2023. This news offers a ray of hope for residents who have been enduring this water crisis.

Johannesburg Water extends a sincere apology to all residents for the inconvenience caused during this challenging period. They understand the hardships faced by the community and are committed to resolving the situation as swiftly as possible.

Residents are encouraged to stay tuned to KAE News for further updates on the full restoration of water services over the weekend. The community’s patience and cooperation during this time are greatly appreciated as efforts continue to ensure a steady water supply for all affected areas.

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