Very soon, Kaalfontein, Allandale and Ebony Park residents will be able to have high speed fibre internet connection at their home. You will be able to stream your favorite Netflix show in the comfort of your home without any buffering.

This will be made possible by internet service provider, VUMATEL. VUMATEL is currently the largest fibre optic operator in South Africa. Vuma provides open access network- giving customers choice to choose which network to use.

They provide lower prices and uncapped quality network lasting over 20 years. The Vuma network is month to month payment and allows users to easily switch service providers and not be binded to a contract.

Vuma has already provided fibre to more than 600,000 homes in Gauteng, Western Cape, Limpopo and KZN. The fibre is usually installed in suburbs like Sandton, Fourways, Randburg etc. However, with Vuma Reach, the fibre optic operator is targeting townships. Vuma Reach assists in “Bridging The Digital Divide”.

Vuma Reach was recently installed in nearby Clayville. Representatives of Vuma held a meeting with community members on the 26th of February 2021 at Busy Corner in Ebony Park. Vuma employees confirmed that Kaalfontein, Allandale and Ebony Park will soon benefit from Vuma Reach.

Vuma Reach is a growing project and has connected more than 50,000 homes and counting. Vuma Reach is currently offered in parts of Soweto, Katlehong and more.

With Vuma Reach, KAEns will have the benefit of unlimited data with a speed of 20Mbs for only R395. This will also include free installation, free router and 24/7 support.


Vumatel’s purpose is to create a Connected South Africa, where everyone has equal access to the internet. Not everyone can afford Fibre at current prices. The Vuma Reach product ensures that everyone has an opportunity to be able to experience high speed internet at affordable prices.

Vuma will deploy an aerial methodology which will reach homes quicker. Furthermore, the material and equipment used for aerial deployment is cheaper for roll out. This allows more opportunity for Vuma to drop prices for the end user and for the internet service providers to be more competitive with their pricing.

? End user will be installed quickly
? Less disruptive as major service hits can be avoided during deployment of network
? Easier installation

? Quick returns to the community as employees and SMMEs will be selected amongst the community.
? Upliftment of schools by providing 1GBs line speed.
? Provisions of future services such as VUMA CAM, which are fibre connected cameras that allow for safer and smarter cities.
? Community upliftment projects.

KAE News will be providing further updates until the Fibre network roll-out is complete and LIVE.

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