Muzi Ndlangamandla from Umthambeka Section-Tembisa and the President for Road Traffic For Peer Educators Organisation (RTFPEO) has an innovative idea that he shared with us. We would like your opinion on the below proposal. We are currently discussing the proposal with various stakeholders.


We introduce to you a new number plate liaison platform namely “SMS Suspicious Number Plate Unit (SNPU)”. The SNPU is a New Number Plate data base system that has been designed to enable the public to SMS any suspicious number plate near them, i.e. sms “FF 00 ZZ GP to 12345” and receive automate response about the same suspected number plate. i.e. stolen/carjacked vehicles, vehicles number plates that under police Inquiry, number plates that not corresponding with the colour of the vehicle, number plate not corresponding with capacity of the vehicle and including non-stolen vehicle number plate.

In terms of Data Protection Act the South African Police Services, Traffic Police and Metro Police there’s only one digital system that enables them to enquire about any suspicious number plate on our roads/residential areas.

However, the system does not enable Private Security Industry to do the same. Furthermore, there’s No effective system that enables the community also to inquire any suspicious number plate on their residential streets before calling the 10111/MYSAPS.

RTFPEO have learned that, there’s a serious need to improve the effectiveness of the South African public liaison platforms with an effort to increase the probability of reporting of stolen/hijacked/wanted and/or to discover inconsistency number plates and ultimately obtain a successful arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators.

The aims and objectives of SNPU are to expand the public liaison platforms with intention to fast-track the reporting of stolen vehicles. This is part of equipping the Private Security Companies, Police forums, Youth Crime Prevention Decks (YCPD) and the community at large. The more enquire of vehicle number plates on our roads the more people will be arrested.

Each Security company will supply its services as depicted below:

1: Cash In Transit officer now can enquire any suspicious number plate around them

2: Armed response now can enquire any suspicious number plate around them

3: Security on guard room now can enquire any suspicious number plate around them

4: Malls Parkings

5: Private Hospitals

6: Public Hospitals Parking’s

7: Hospitals Parking’s

8: Schools Parking’s

9: Town House Parking’s

10: DCS escorting dangerous inmates. now can enquir any suspicious number plate around them

Your feedback regarding the above proposed project will be greatly appreciated.

Example: The car in the picture is registered on the system as brown in colour while it is red. The car was impounded. So, you can imagine. How many cars of this nature across the country? So, for this reason and other reasons. South Africans needs SNPU to fight vehicle crime related

1. SNPU in the Public domain:

A: you will receive this sms if the car is a stolen


Plate No: FF 00 ZZ GP Status: Toyota Corolla 1.6 Blue sedan

Reported: Hijacked Police Station: Edenvalle Case No: 345/2020

Click: 10111 or MYSAPS

Licence Department:

Plate No: FF 00 ZZ GP

Status: Toyota Corolla 1.6 Blue sedan

Muzi Ndlangamndla President of RTFPEO

Chairperson Phindile Tsotsotso

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