Officials from Eskom are currently conducting auditing of meters in the areas of Ebony Park and Allandale.

The officials from Eskom are on a mission to curb the illegal purchasing of prepaid vouchers or ghost vending (buy 1 get 1 free). The operation is expected to last until mid December.

South Africa loses about R20 billion a year due to electricity theft in the form of illegal connections, non-payment of accounts, meter tampering, meter bypassing and ghost vending. The operation seeks to implement revenue recovery initiatives.

Eskom would like to remind consumers that buying illegal electricity vouchers is a crime and a punishable offence. Those found using illegal prepaid electricity vouchers could face disconnection, fines and even legal prosecution.

If found to have bought illegal vouchers, the officials disconnect your electricity and issue the household with a fine of R6000.00.

Eskom thanks all South Africans who have bought electricity legally, reported electricity theft and encourages all community members to report electricity and infrastructure theft anonymously to Crime Line on 32211 (R1/ SMS) or call 0800 11 2722.

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