Eskom has advised that stage 4 loadshedding will move to Stage 6 loadshedding as from 18:00 today. Stage 6 is when 6000MW is rotationally shed from the grid. This is a result of a shortage of capacity.

This follows a technical problem at Medupi Power Station impacting additional generation supply. The heavy rains has caused coal handling and operational problems at several power stations.

Eskom says that stage 6 is no cause for alarm as the system is being effectively controlled.

Eskom’s emergency response command centre and technical teams will be working through the night to restore units as soon as possible.

Loadshedding is a responsible act and highly controlled process, implemented to protect the country from a complete national blackout.

Loadshedding is up to 8 stages. The higher the loadshedding stage the more frequently you will experience loadshedding and the greater number of households will be affected.

Stage 6 means 4 consecutive hours of load shedding for each block. Stage 8 loadshedding means that you will have electricity for only 50% of the day.

KAE News does not have stage 6 load shedding schedule as yet, as soon as it is received we will communicate.

Electricity can go off at anytime.

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