New South African bank notes featuring an image of former South African President Nelson Mandela are displayed at an office in Johannesburg January 17, 2013. REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko

Detectives from the Ekurhuleni District Trio Task Team are investigating a bank following case after an Ivory Park woman was on Tuesday followed from Kempton Park and eventually robbed at gun point.

The victim withdrew a large amount of money, got into a taxi all the way from Kempton Park, then took a local taxi to a place she’s currently residing at in Ivory Park, Extension 10. Shortly after her arrival, the woman, together with the two ladies she was with, were confronted by five armed men who were traveling in a white Mercedes Benz.

“The men made it clear to the victim that they were there for the money she withdrew earlier at a branch of one of the big four banks. They even told her how much she withdrew and were demanding no less. Fearing for her life as the suspects were armed, the woman handed all the money to the men who left the scene as quickly as they arrived.” said Captain Ben Matimulane of the Ivory Park SAPS.

It is not clear as to why the victim withdrew such a large amount of cash and carried it with her all the way.

The Acting Station Commander of the Ivory Park SAPS, Colonel Baba Mpotoane, has expressed shock at this daring robbery and warned people about the dangers of withdrawing and carrying large amounts of money on one’s person.

“Rather,” Colonel Mpotoane cautions, “find out safer means of conducting all forms of financial transactions with with your bank without carrying money with. It is safer both for you as a person and your hard earned money.”

The trio task team allocated the case are doing all things legally possible to locate the suspects and bring them to justice.

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